Born in 1979 in Rennes (France), I studied cinema at university before working as an editor, mainly for fiction feature films. After years of collaboration with movie directors, I express the need to develop my own projects through photography, artistic practice that allows me to have a solitary and personal reflection about memory, time and History. I started photography as a self-taught photographer in 2014 with my first long-term project in Sarajevo.


Personal exhibition

2019 Sarajevo Urbs Aeterna, gallery Bartcelona, Belgrade (Serbia).



2022 Workshop “Sensitive and personal photography” supervised by Stéphane Charpentier, Douelle (France).

2019 Seminar “Image – Context – Project – Exposure” supervised by Moritz Neumüller, Athens. 

2018 Seminar “Preparation for portfolio reviews” supervised by Arno Gisinger, Athens. 

2014 Photographer for the 12th edition of Giorti Paramithion Festival, Kea (Greece). 

2013 Training "Practice of small and medium format" at Gobelins - l'école de l'image, Paris.